Thursday, 5 February 2009

Staff of the ROG in 1894

Astronomer Royal
William Henry Mahoney Christie

Chief Assistant
Herbert Hall Turner (retired 28 February 1894) and Frank Watson Dyson (succeeded 1 March 1894), responsible for general superintendence of all the work of the Observatory, with full power to act in the absence of the Astronomer Royal

First Class Assistants
George Stickland Criswick (photographic mapping of the heavens)
Thomas Lewis (time-signals and chronometers)
Edward Walter Maunder (spectroscopic and solar-photographic observations and reductions)
William Carpenter Nash (magnetic and meteorological branch)
William Grasett Thackeray (miscellaneous astronomical computations and meridian zenith-distance reductions)

Second Class Assistants
Walter William Bryant (transit-reductions and time-determinations)
Andrew Claude Crommelin (altazimuth and equatorial computations)
Henry Park Hollis (library and manuscripts, longitude reductions, miscellaneous correspondence)
(and two vacancies)

Henry Outhwaite (from 21 May 1894)

12 astronomical branch
2 astrographic branch
4 spectroscopic and solar-photographic branch
5 magnetic and meteorological branch

Other staff
Gate-porter, watchman, gardener, foreman of works, 2 carpenters, 1 or 2 labourers, skilled mechanic and his assistant, charwoman.

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